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MFA Report – Semester 3 about to start

  It has been a while since I posted about my exploits in the MFA Program.  A new semester is about to begin.  We are now 2nd years and have one foot out of the door. I have been blessed to … Continue reading

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50 Word Stories Are Difficult

Have you ever tried to write micro-fiction? It isn’t easy to do.  I was surfing around one day and came across a contest at Every Writer Magazine.  They were hosting a 50 Word Scary Story Contest.  Easy and free. All I … Continue reading

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What the Algorithm Didn’t Tell Me

On paper he was my perfect match. E-Harmony said so. But the algorithms can tell you but so much. It doesn’t account for the weirdo factor. His control issues were undercover. In the Beginning…  he was attentive — aren’t they all. Then … Continue reading

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…but I Remember

Today I saw a photo that an old friend posted on Facebook. It was a picture of his brother, who was my ex-boyfriend. He was my boyfriend almost 30 years ago. He died in 1990. We were no longer dating when … Continue reading

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MFA Report – End of Semester

End of Semester Break My 1st semester has ended. Someone said Grad School would be brutal. It had its moments, but it was NOT brutal.  If you are studying something you love, how can it be brutal?  What WAS brutal … Continue reading

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But Why Are They Afraid?

  Hatred is misguided fear, but why are they afraid? The texture of my hair, or the fabric that covers it should not evoke fear. Painting their faces with pitch only brings to mind the question of — Why? Does … Continue reading

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MFA: The First ‘Serious’ Paper

For my Lit class I have to write a Literary Analysis of one of the books we’ve read so far. I am leaning toward The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Since another one of my passions is spirituality (all forms), I … Continue reading

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