Short Thought on My Writing Life

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As some of you may know, I recently graduated with an MFA in writing.  What a journey it was. Two years of no sleep and non stop consumption of literature and all things writing.

I wrote an essay about it and in writing it, it was eliminating.  These were my thoughts, but many of my classmates told me that I captured our journey accurately. 

I wondered if other MFA students had/have the same journey.  Is it the same for younger people? The classmates who agreed with my assessment were in my age group. Is it different for millennial who have more energy? Less responsibility?  

All of us came out in the end with that piece of paper and an idyllic vision of our future. You know–writing that novel, making those millions. Who wouldn’t want that? Now, I’m happy writing and submitting my small things here and there. Even if it is through sites like Submittalbe. You can read about how that site is the bane of my existence.

But I look to that elusive future. One day, one day!

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