Part 2 – Breaking Out of the Cell


Now that I am well on my way in curbing the social media that I use, I am tackling my cell phone usage overall. 

Am I addicted to Social Media? Am I addicted to my cell phone? A few months ago I would have said not, but now I’ll say absolutely. I’ve downloaded an app called Moment on my iphone. This app not only tracks where you go but how long you stay there. It tells you how many times you check your phone in a day. With this app you can set daily reminders & set time limits.  It also allows you to remove apps from the data such as Audible. After all, reading/listening to a book on your device does not fall in the realm of wasted time.

There are different apps that do similar things for both iphone and android.

The first day I used this app, I was shocked to learn that I spent nearly 3 hours looking at my phone. A lot of this was figuring out the app itself and playing scrabble. So I would say it was slightly exaggerated.  The next day I spent just a little over an hour for the entire day.

Some days will have more usage than others, and I’m not quitting my Scrabble habit. But having this app makes me more mindful of how I use my phone.  Do I really need to pick it up and check my email every 15 min? No. Because no one emails me.

I’m curious to see how much more in life I do when I’m not using the phone during my ‘bored’ moments. I don’t think I’ll be sailing around the world or skydiving any time soon, but who knows where it will lead.

Stay tuned.

Here is data from August 2017 that highlights social media usage.

It says that 3 billion people use Social Media. That number shocks me.

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