Post MFA Life

This is the first September in five years that I’m not gearing up for school. Every autumn since 2013, I looked forward to sitting in a classroom, forsaking sleep and learning. If is a strange feeling to not have that on the horizon.

My daughter is now a sophomore in College and I’m suffering from FOMO. I complained when I was in the thick of it and exhausted beyond comprehension. But the other side of the coin is that I wIMG_4084ill miss it. The structure, the comradery.

Though I no longer have the structure of the classroom, I still have to structure my mind around the writing life. I have been writing steadily since graduation, and will continue to do so.

I had to think about what I did before 2013 to fill my time. I had kept myself quite busy. I did a lot of crafts, which I’ve started doing again.

I also realized that I can actually read what I want. Not that I didn’t while I was in school, but between lack of time & sleep, as well as assigned readings, my reading lessened and was not entirely of my choosing.

I also can watch TV! During my school-life, I had to make choices about shows to watch/binge. I kept it to the summer months where I could come home daily and watch an episode. But now, I can keep up in real time. Though I’m not a huge watcher, I have my favorites, and I’ve discovered series’ in the streaming world that I never knew existed. I keep to the mindset that a writer watches TV/movies differently than the non-writer. And I won’t even go into my recent YouTube documentary watching.

Molding my life back into a non-student will take a minute, but I’m looking forward to this next phase. I’m on the other side of the hump, let’s see what it brings.

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