Book Review – The Magic Mala

Picture2Here is the dilemma, a great message wrapped in less than average writing. This is the case with the latest book I’ve finished: The Magic Mala: A Story That Changes Lives by Bob Olson.

I thought the writing and dialogue were stilted. But I get it, he’s trying to get the message across and it is difficult to write something like this without using semi-formal dialogue.

I almost gave up, but then the message started to grab me, and I tolerated the writing. I stopped noticing it after a while.

The Magic Mala is a fiction book based on real life events of the author’s life. He finds a Mala in his home that once belonged to his father. The book progresses and we learn about this particular Mala, how his father used it and how the main character, Robbie uses it.

This books highlights metaphysical teachings that deal with setting intention, manifestation and other practices of this type. The reason I think the writing is stilted is because the author needs to explain the teachings. This is best done (and made most clear) in the way he used.

Now there is a lot of stuff that happens to the main character. It isn’t as cut and dry as finding the Mala, and learning how to use it. There is drama all around. I was very engaged in this story, and the message vibrated through my entire being.

Kudo’s to Mr. Olson for writing such an inspiring work.

According to his website: The Magic Mala may be turned into a movie.Picture1

While reading this book, I pulled out my own Mala beads. I meditate but hadn’t used my beads in over a year. I found the resurgence of them in my practice to be beneficial. I even used the mantra from the book, one I’ve heard of but never used myself.

Om shreem maha Lakshmiyei swaha . This is the best explanation of the mantra that I found. Namaha/Swaha have slightly different interpretations, but either can be used depending on your preference.

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