The CNR Inaugural MFA Class 2018

My class was the first MFA class to graduate from The College of New Rochelle. A 2 year program that went full time. It was a hard road, but I did it in the time allotted to me. 

Current MFA student and journalist Tana Mfuni wrote an article showcasing the program and some of its first graduates. I am one of them. 


The lovely ladies of the inaugural class decked out in our regalia.

As you may notice the graduating class was 100% female. There were male students but they didn’t graduate with us for various reasons. However, the school itself is female dominate, so this isn’t that unusual.

Our class was a diverse one. We had homegrown women like myself, there were ladies from Mumbai, China, Pakistan, Austraila and New Mexico. For some this was their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th degree, while others, like myself, this was their first Masters.  

A few of these ladies even have published novels or poetry books. 

I will definitely miss my classmates. A talented bunch of nuts.  


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