MFA Update

The semester is half over and I’m still getting my bearings. It takes me several months to get acclimated, and at this rate, I will be graduating by the time it happens.

I would have never imagined I would meet so many talented writers and wonderful people.

new-york-times-the-lost-art-of-writingThis semester we are talking to a lot of industry professionals.  So far we’ve spoken to author Nicole Kear who is delightful.  We spoke with other fantastic people and will speak with a few more before the end of the semester.

Many people who go to school for writing get “the look”. The one that says, “You need to go to school to write?” Of course these are thepeople who don’t write well.  No I don’t NEED to do anything, and not everyone has to go to school to write well. There are self-taught writers who are exceptional.  But those people usually don’t ask that question.

Next semester is the thesis semester. This is where I work on my exit piece. This is not the traditional thesis people think of when they hear the word. This is a tight and polished 75 page manuscript. Sounds easy?  It’s not.

Writing is hard work. My brain actually hurts now more than it did in undergrad. But I will get to May, graduate and miss it all. So no complaints. 


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