There Is No Balance In My Reading

I previously wrote a post about how my reading choices were made unconsciously, or by popular opinion.  This year I made the choice to read more People of Color. That has been successful. However, for many years I’ve tried to up my reading of Female authors as well. I’ve never been successful.


Mary Kubica

My goal is to have as close to a 50/50 ratio as possible.

Currently I’ve read 59 books as of (Sept 1), out of these 59 only 19 were by females. There was only one female author I read 2 books by as well as one male author. So the ration stands. This is a ratio of 3:1 (I think the math is right). 

I would like to rectify this.  I can be more conscious of what I read until the end of this year, but unless every book I read from now until then is by a female, I will never reach my goal of 50/50.

Again I ask myself if I am doing this unconsciously. Do I just not like the books women write? I’m not one of those that read authors like Sue Grafton or Jodi Picoult, and I’m not in to romance or chick lit.  But women have written books I know I would read. Authors like Isabel Allende or Margaret Atwood are on my TBR list.  So why oh why am I not reaching for them?

I make a promise to myself that in 2018 I will reach the 50/50 goal. All it takes is a conscious effort.

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