Most Interesting Books Read Jan – Jun 2017

My reading was all over the place this year. I read current and I read classic. I had no theme, genre or author binge (I usually do). These are some of the books I read in the first half of 2017. These are not necessarily my 5 star books, but they were the interesting ones. No spoilers or synopsis. Just my thoughts on the books.


The Mayor of Casterbridge – By Thomas Hardy (5 Stars)

This novel was read for school, although it would have been something I chose for myself. I’ve seen the BBC production of this so the story wasn’t foreign to me. It was one of those books that I would get around to reading one day.

Talk about scandal and nonstop ‘monkey wrenches’. This is far from a boring dry classic. I needed a drink when I finished this one. The BBC production didn’t do the novel justice.



1984 – By George Orwell (5 Stars)

I might be the only adult that wasn’t assigned this book in high school. Years ago I attempted to read it, but the copy of the book I own has type smaller than baby ants, so that wasn’t happening. After the 2016 Presidential election, it charted again. I was curious as to why…I’ve heard things.

What took me so long? This was a fantastic work of dystopian fiction. Creepy in its foresight. After I read it, I understood why people became re-interested in this particular dystopian novel.



Never Let Me Go – By Kazuo Ishiguro (4 Stars)

Another assigned read. I’ve seen the title on book lists but ignored it. I can honestly say that this book was ‘different’. I often read books and things have me think, but this book had me thinking deeply. I thought a lot about society, race, gender, age, discrimination, and a whole lot of other things no one wants to really think about, but should.



Crime and Punishment – By Fyodor Dostoyevsky (3 Stars)

Yes people, I got to it. I read the whole thing too. Not my first Russian, but the first one in years. It wasn’t as challenging as I thought and it is another book that makes you think about society and morals. Don’t worry, this didn’t become a theme. My brain can only handle so much deepness.

Out of the 42 books I’ve read from January – June, these 4 were the most important reads for me. The second half of my reading year is shaping up to be very interesting indeed. What I read when I’m left to my own devices!!!


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