I Don’t Need a Man for That!

I’ve always told my now 18 year old daughter that she should not count on anyone else’s help and always have a plan B. Many people may think this sounds anti-social but in reality, it is survival.

She has a good head on her shoulders, and she already figured this out (or maybe listened to me when I said it before). I try to prepare her for the fact that she may have to do things on her own when she is an older adult.  One of these things recently fell on my lap.


A baby bat found its way into my bedroom one night. I live in a New York City apartment so you can imagine my surprise. I could not have screamed any louder. I ran into my daughter’s room and needed to figure out what to do. Luckily she had her phone, because in my panic, I left mine on my nightstand in said room.

At 1:30am it is hard to find anyone to help you with a stray bat in New York City. Eventually 4 police officers came to my apartment and attempted to coax the bat out. No luck. Of course I wanted them all to stay and protect me from the big bad baby bat, but they had better things to do, so they left.

After only 3 hours sleep, I secured my room and went to work.  I called Animal Control. Bats are not their specialty, but they have to try–right? The dispatcher took my information and said someone would call me 1 hour before they came.  I told them I’d be home around 6pm, but I may get their earlier, so they can call earlier. 

I know bats are nocturnal, so I thought they’d come later rather than earlier.

No one called, no one came.

I had to spend another tense night in the apartment.  I got a lot of info from my Facebook friends and other friends.  I tried the only option that I really had and that was to leave the windows open and hope it flies out.  Mother Nature was cooperative as well and kept the rain at bay and the temperature down. I hope the bat got cold and hungry and found his way out.  I haven’t seen it or heard it, so here is to hoping.

If I had to physically tackle it alone, I would have. There was no one else to count on. This is not the first time I had to tackle vermin on my own, but never a flying one.

I called Animal Control and the dispatcher said that someone called me around 8pm. Really? Where was I? Oh yeah, I was glued to my phone waiting for a call. So we are lying now?

Me: I’ll have to take care of it myself, obviously

Dispatch: So you want to cancel the home visit?

Me: Why not? Not like anyone is ever going to come. I’ll take care of it myself.

Dispatch:  By….

Yes, I hung up.

Yes the bat freaks me out, but there is no one I can depend on except myself. My daughter lives with me, so I have to think of her safety as well.

When you have this mindset, it is amazing what one can do. I will never buy it when a woman says, “But I need a man for….”

If it ain’t for procreation, ya don’t need him!!!

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