The Writers Guides to !!!!

The Writers Digest Conference had a booksellers table. I got several books on the craft including Steven James’ very useful text, Troubleshooting Your Novel and his other book Story Trumps Structure. I also purchased Windy Lynn Harris’ book Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays. I bought both of these books the first day I was there.

On the second day I hadn’t planned to buy any books, so I just let my eyes fall on the titles. Nothing I wanted, so I chatted with one of the ladies that stood behind the counter about the bookstore she works in. I was about to leave when my eyes fell on a book that if I had been looking for it I would have never found it. A book I didn’t know existed, a book I needed.

Now you might be thinking why on earth would anyone need this book. All this information is online. Well…maybe, but it isn’t in one place.

This book deals with various (and the most popular) firearms (and ammo) used in literature. It also has a section on knives. It is a practical reference guide.

It discusses firearms that were manufactured in the 20th century or later. So Historical Fiction guys, I’m sorry, this one will not be of use.

  • The descriptions are in-depth.
  • There is a section on the biggest weapon myths in fiction, TV and Film.
  • A review of major gun and knife laws.

I haven’t sat down and really combed through this book yet, but the ten minutes I did have with it, I couldn’t believe how much I didn’t know. My gun scene was so inaccurate.

This book even discusses recoil, hand size and the like.

I’m sure some people would say, “Well I know all I need to know about the gun I’m using in my story.” To them I say, “Fantastic…wish I did.”

But now I will be able to look it up and be accurate. And my small 18-year-old female character will not shoot a Desert Eagle at 100 feet.



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  1. FiiNix says:

    When it comes to tech things I like to have at least spectator knowledge of how things operate. Like high-speed driving, using weapons, aircraft capabilities, or wild-animal behaviour. At which point the writing of the scene becomes as much of a rush as the original experience was!

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