Writers Digest Conference 2017 – Final



Steven James

Today was the final day of the conference. There were only 2 sessions as opposed to Saturday where there were 6.  

I saw some of the same people for a 2nd workshop. Among my favorites was Steven James. I mentioned him in my previous post. He had another talk and he was just as delightful.  I also went to a second workshop given by Jane K. Cleland.

I did not attend any of the keynotes, I was beat by the end of each day.

I am an extreme introvert when it comes to meeting people. I made small talk with a few fellow authors and shared some of my work, but aside from that, I stayed to myself.

This conference provided a lot of writing techniqes I did not know/never heard of.  I went to primarily craft workshops. Maybe next year I will be able to go to the Business of Publishing ones.  Maybe next year I’ll have something worth pitching.

I can’t help but to think the things I learned over the past 3 days will make me a better writer. I am currently in an MFA program, but most of this stuff has not been covered thus far. This conference gives the nitty gritty ‘this is what’s up’ needed writing techniques. I appreciated that.

Yes, there will be a next year.  Me, 3 days, writers.

I highly recommend this conference. I’m lucky I live in the host city. Would I travel for this if I had to? Yes.

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