Writers Digest Conference 2017

Anjali Mitter Duva and Crystal King

Anjali Mitter Duva and Crystal King – Historical Fiction Authors

This was my first time going to this conference. I’ve been reading about it for years, but forget and then when I discover it again, it has passed.  This year I remembered early enough and was able to attend. For me it is just a subway ride away as it is in New York City.

Day 1 – August 18th

Which was really Day 2 as they added a Thursday session. But it was my Day 1.

Visited most of the sponsor booths.  There is a whole lot about the business end I don’t know. But I collected a lot of cards and flyers, and when my time comes (next year hopefully) I will be able to go through my file and start finding what/who I need.

Lots of friendly people. Other writers are generally open and friendly.

I attended 4 lectures/panels/talks today. When I signed up I was grasping because they had not put all of the talks in, but it turns out I didn’t need to save a spot, it was open seating.  But to be on the safe side, I had picked mostly things on Craft.  I attended all but one on Craft, I attended one on the Business of Being an Author.

People who talked today were

Hank Phillippi Ryan – Her talk about first pages really set me off thinking about my first page. It needs work.

Steven James – Hands down my favorite talk of the day. He is so funny.  I see another talk with him tomorrow. can’t wait. His talk today was how Story Trumps Structure.

Jane K. Cleland – She spoke about Mastering Plot Twists.  I am not writing a mystery or thriller, but all stories need to hold the readers interest. She was helpful.  

Crystal King and Anjali Mitter Duva – These women spoke on the Thin Line Between Historical Fact & Fiction.  I’m writing Literary Fiction, but it takes place in the past. I learned what I thought I would. This was more of an informal chat session, but still very interesting.

I had thought about making the conference into one long post, but no one has that type of attention span. Therefore, another one will follow. Probably Sunday (I’ll wrap up the last 2 days).




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  1. Tanit explosives says:

    I attended the conference last year. Loved reading about what happened this year, thank you.

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