MFA Report – Semester 3 about to start



It has been a while since I posted about my exploits in the MFA Program.  A new semester is about to begin.  We are now 2nd years and have one foot out of the door.

I have been blessed to meet many talented writers among the world community. I’ve enjoyed reading their offerings. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of classmates and professors.

Each semester brings new and exciting challenges.  What books will read in our Lit class? What classmate will write one for the workshop? It’s a writing nerds utopia.

Soon we will graduate and go our seperate ways (some of us). Some of my classmates live on the other side of the world but thank goodness for Facebook!

I look forward to reading their novels one day.

But for now, I’m readying myself for Semester 3. It will be a tiring whirlwind as usual, but one I know I will look back on in fondess.

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