50 Word Stories Are Difficult

Have you ever tried to write micro-fiction? It isn’t easy to do.  I was surfing around one day and came across a contest at Every Writer Magazine.  They were hosting a 50 Word Scary Story Contest.  Easy and free. All I had to do was write the 50 word story in their comments.  I was able to enter more than once, so I wrote about 5.


It’s hard enough to write something with a beginning, middle and end, but it is super hard to do it

in 50 words or less. And Horror….Well not my usual genre. But I gave it a whirl.

I didn’t place first, but I was in the top 3.  And it was one of my last entries (I did this over a few weeks time).  I guess it proves that my writing in a small space improved.

The top 3 get published in the print magazine.  I thought that was neat.

You can take a look at my efforts here: 50 Words Scary Summer Contest Winners




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2 Responses to 50 Word Stories Are Difficult

  1. Wow! Yours was freaking amazing! It gave me goose bumps!
    I didn’t even like the last one, but that’s just my opinion.
    You did a great job! Congratulations.

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