MFA Report – End of Semester

End of Semester Break

My 1st semester has ended. Someone said Grad School would be brutal. It had its moments, but it was NOT brutal.  If you are studying something you love, how can it be brutal?  What WAS brutal was not getting enough sleep.  Class three nights a week and then only getting 6 hours of sleep a night during the work week — that was brutal.

Grades are trickling in, but I’m anticipating A’s across the bochildren-sledging-silhouetteard — because I don’t do anything half assed (except when I’m tired), but I managed to maintain my level of work.

I have commenced by Holiday / End of Semester break!!


tragedy Averted

This semester was rough, not because of workload or even lack of sleep. But because the scandal and fear that gripped every student and member of the faculty. There are pending allegations that the former President of the college was mis-managing funds. 

The school was in turmoil. Would we close? Would faculty be let go? Would programs be cut? This is a school that has been in existence for over 100 years. A fine Catholic institution dedicated to helping educate generations of women (and now men).

The donations were inching along, and we had some pretty big donations, but we were still behind.  That was until an anonymous benefactor came in like the Savior and rescued us. I don’t know who the anonymous benefactor was, but I’m on my knees with tears thanking him/her/them from the bottom of my soul.

Although cost cutting measures still need to be implemented, it appears that our butts have been saved. Now I and my fellow students can look forward to the other 3 sleepless semesters ahead of us.


My Thoughts of MFA Programs

I can only give you the thoughts of the program I’m involved in. It is an experience that I am glad I am a part of.  There are people who say “You don’t need a degree to write a book.” Well yes and no. But I won’t get into that because there are tons of people who have no advanced degree (or even a college degree) that have written very good books.

However, the experience I am having is something that I would not have otherwise.  I’ve met some very cool people from Australia, China and South Asia. I don’t travel so they have brought their culture into the classroom. Not to mention they are a riot!

I am looking forward to next semester…I have about a month to get in my sleep before I have to do it all over again.



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