MFA: The First ‘Serious’ Paper

For my Lit class I have to write a Literary Analysis of one of the books we’ve read so far. I am leaning toward The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Since another one of my passions is spirituality (all forms), I thought the thread of that – that ran through the novel was interesting. Our Professor wants 5-pages. Piece of cake…


The last Literary Analysis I wrote was in 2014 and it was entitled The Mother: A Theme in Ulysses by James Joyce, and I squeezed out 3 ½ pages for that one.

I have been told that my writing is pedantic. One person called it Carver-esque.

carverIt is.

I am not one to throw flowers (my term for purple prose), I leave that for poetry. My writing tends to be raw, and therefore it is scant of pretty words and prodigious vocabulary.

After all, when a character has a 4th grade education, it is hard to imagine him saying the word prestidigitation in a conversation. 

So although I’ve written stories for the workshop, and the other classes, this is my first ‘serious’ paper for the semester. This isn’t to say that my other writing isn’t serious, it is. It is just much more fun to write prose than it is to write an analysis of anything.

But…it will be fine. It always is.


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