Bullet Journal – October


I have been using my bullet journal for over a month.  I started it the last week of August. I find that it does help.  I don’t always carry it with me, I must confess. That is because I am carryiing my school books, and my bag tends to be full. But I do look at it often.

And yes, I’m still taking the lazy way out and printing my monthly calander out.  The small ones and the full page ones.  For this to work, I have to take shortcuts.  It is great if you have oodles of time to create your own montly spread, but I have to sit down and find time to make the weekly ones as it is.  I need to spend my time doing my MFA stuff.

I’ve settled on a weekly la30050662835_cb70826b15_zyout.  For now.  The weekly layout is pretty much what it looks like in traditional planners.  I tried the boxes, but found it too confusing for me.  Having the ‘traditional’ look, also affords me a free page to put the monthly calander plus future log for the month.

I am staying with the future logs for upcoming months as well. I like to have that to add too.

Hey, I know it isn’t fancy or pretty with the calligraphy etc. But it functions. And I have cute stickers.  I can my whimisical!  Let’s see how this month works out.



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