MFA Report #2 – Week 4

I am starting my 4th week of the Program. It will be 1 month on the 8th.

Things have picked up rapidly, but I am able to keep up.  

I did learn that my Wednesday class “The Writer at Work” will be a 10 week class.  Initially I thought it would be for 5 weeks, and I’d be able to sleep, but it doesn’t seem that, that will be the case.  This class will end the week before Thanksgiving.  At least my holiday will be a little less hectic.

I am on my third book for the Lit class. Currently we are reading Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  Very powerful, non-fiction book.  We just finished Family Life by Akhil Sharma which I enjoyed.  I like the different types of narratives we are reading. These are books I would never chose for myslef.  We finished Mrs. Dalloway first, not my cup of tea.  Mrs. Dalloway is that type of book that made me hate reading in high school. However, I suppose there is the need to branch out. I can see that as an adult.

My workshop piece is due on October 13th.  Yes it is written.  It is the first draft of crap.  Well, it is actually the third draft since I changed POV 3 times already.  I think the one I finally settled on works.  We will let the class decide.

I am finally getting used to the lack of sleep. To me, that is the hardest part, the actual work is so much fun.

Some guy I dated had said to me that Grad School would be too hard. In essence, he was saying that I couldn’t hack it.  He didn’t come out and say it in those words, but that is what he meant.  I’m not sure why he thought that. He didn’t know me well enough to know better.  NONE of my friends or co-workers ever said that — why? Because they know me.  They know not only will it NOT be hard, I will relish it.  

I am sure by semester 4, I will be pulling my hair out and crying for my mommy, but right now…bring it on!

I have no photos today, but I took a video of my pretty campus.  



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