MFA Report #1 – How Goes it.

I decided to document my journey through the MFA program, because I found a lack of actual real-time blogs/posts about it. People often talk about what they’ve learned or how they liked their experience, but I don’t recall seeing anything that said…this is what is happening now. 

I’m sure they are out there, somewhere.

I have just finished my 1st full week of the program.

One of my classes is a Literature class.  In this class we read lots of books.  We are currently reading Mrs. Dalloway by Virgina Woolf.  The professor wants us to see how certain books are written, if they use stream of consciousness or free indirect speech or something else.  We discuss it and dissect it. Then we are given an assignment of trying to imitate the style.

There are 8-9 books to read for this course.


A few of the books I will be reading

Another class is called The Writer at Work. This class zero’s in on certain aspects of writing; such as Dialogue, character etc.  The professor will change each semester, and the class only lasts 5 weeks.

Our Professor is author Sophie McManus.  We have a discussion and are given various texts to read.

Each week our assignment is a Prompt.  Although this is the shortest class, I currently find it to be the hardest to write for.  Her Prompt was very difficult and not like anything I’ve done before.

And of course there is our Workshop. This one has both the Fiction and the Creative Non Fiction people working together.  The professor is Steven Hobbs.  The weekly assignments consist of writing settings or character profiles.  We do some in class reading as well. 

I was told that there would be a lot of writing.  Other Master’s program encompass readings, writings and exams.  The MFA in Creative Writing is all about writing. We learn by doing.



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