MFA Pre-Report #3


This will be the last pre-report. All subsequent reports will be me, in the midst of the MFA experience.


I went to the Graduate School Orientation. I am alum, so it was redundant to me. I learned very little in the way of new information, but I did get to meet a few of my fellow MFA students.

A few come from oversees, from places like: Mumbai, China and Australia. Then there were the local folks. The group is very diverse but seem like this is something they WANT. In contrast to my undergrad classes where many people were just after that piece of paper, but they had no passion.

Most of us sat at one table with Professor Hobbs. We must have stuck out like a bunch of sore thumbs, because the speakers seemed to know that we were MFA students. One actually said, “The MFA group back there.” Huh? Is there a stamp on my head?

The speakers also kept reiterating how hard Graduate School is. I’ve heard this, but I’m not daunted by it. I just have no experience to base the difficulty on. Is the difficulty relevant to the person or the subject, or is it hard for everyone equally?

Both my aunt and my cousins told me it is difficult. But they did not go for their MFA’s, so I’m not sure if the degree of difficulty will be the same.

I didn’t find undergrad difficult at all. Trust me, I’m no genius.


fdetroylecturemoliereMFA Party

One of the professors had a party for all of the MFA students.

Some of the same students that attended the orientation were there and a few ones that didn’t.

I have never been to a party with people who liked to talk about books and writing. I felt so grown up.

It was nice to be in a place where when you talked about someone like Karl Ove Knausgård, people actually knew who I was referring to…and his works.

It was low key, lots of conversation, no heavy bass or loud obnoxious music.  Ahh I could get used to that.





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