MFA Pre-Report #2



Graduate school starts in about 2 ½ weeks. I have been anxious.

Orientation for Grad School students will be on August 31st. It is mandatory, so I have to go. This is fine, it is a new campus for me, and I need to know the lay of the land.

One of the professors is having a small party for the students the next day. I looked on the roster and there seem to be 11 students in this program. How cool is that—that this professor is doing this for us. I think this will help calm the first day jitters. Not sure how many of the students will show up. Some of these students aren’t native New Yorkers, and some aren’t even from the USA.

I will definitely go. It isn’t far from my job, and I wouldn’t say no to a get together.

The get together will take care of my nerves in meeting new students on the first day. When I did my undergrad, it was just as nerve wracking. You would think I left this behind in my formative years, but meeting new people isn’t easy.


Another one of my anxiety inducing moments is transportation. Getting there is no problem, neither is getting back home. I will not be driving (I no longer have a car) but it wouldn’t matter as I would be going to the school straight from work, so I’m at the mercy of New York City’s Mass Transit System. The train I will have to take is a commuter railroad. It is known that they ‘act up’ in the winter months. I’ll have to do my best to figure it out.

When coming home I’ll be even more anxious because where the train leaves me is in a ‘not so nice’ neighborhood, where I will have to wait for a city bus to take me to my neighborhood.

It is the timing of it all that has me having panic attacks.

What if I miss the Shuttle from the campus to the train?

What if my train gets stuck in the ice?

What if…what if…what if?

First World Problems

I do actually have concerns about the program itself. I do not know what the workload will be like. From friends and family who havegone for their Master’s, I hear the workload is heavy. This I don’t mind. It is the fear of the unknown.

I will no doubt be a walking zombie that will not know if I am coming or going. But that’s fine, it is better than sitting around having my brain turn into jell-o.

More to Come

Stay tuned for more reports once the program starts. This is the inaugural program, so there is no one to ask as to how it will be. People will be asking me in the future.

Not only are we the first class to take on this program, we will be the first graduates of this program.

No pressure.



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  1. Aww you can do it babe! Have faith. I will pray for you!


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