Thoughts on Things #1


One of my (red) Moleskine’s with cursive writing.

Today as I was walking near a coffee shop with my hot java in hand, I saw a young woman writing in her red Moleskine. As I got closer, I saw that she was feverishly printing.  I am not sure if she was journaling or had an idea in her brain that just had to find its way to the paper.

I myself, as with most writers keep a notebook.  I prefer ones with lines, but I will use plain paper too.  I have fantasies about being a famous author and having my notebooks published after my death.

I write in cursive in my notebooks.  My thoughts flow way too fast.  Sometimes I type things and tape them in too, but the majority of the pages have my handwriting.

It has occurred to me that generations from now there may be very few people, if any that will be able to read it.  As of today, many primary schools no longer teach cursive.  My daughter went to a Parochial school and learned, but her friends, who went to a public school did not.

I have a younger friend from Poland who does not really know how to write in cursive either. She uses some hybrid.

I did a quick, unscientific web search, and I found some adults write in their notebooks/journals in cursive, while others write in print.  I cannot tell you their ages, but my hunch is the cursive writers are older or non public school educated while the printers are younger and public school educated.  Again this is all non-scientific.  There could be those who just like to print.

Today a lot of typing is done with thumbs and spelling is of little importance.  We all know u is you and r is are, but writing in a notebook is an art form.  It is easy to jot down a thought while you’re having it, but it is a different thing to make that thought sound breathtaking.

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3 Responses to Thoughts on Things #1

  1. Sandy Lo says:

    I have many notebooks/journals for different thoughts. (ie: novel ideas, daily journal, dream journal). I generally write in cursive and hardly ever abbreviate. Occasionally, I will write in print or a hybrid depending on my handwriting that day. Some days, my handwriting is magnificent and other times, it’s plain ol’ ugly!

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  2. Hm interesting.
    I did not know that they don’t teach cursive in schools anymore!!! What???
    I have always liked the idea of journaling but have never been able to keep one up.
    My daughter has had several journals – good for her!
    On the norm, I write in cursive or a “hybrid” print a couple letters then the rest in cursive kind of thing. But I don’t think I ever just print.

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