The Elephant in the Room (Fear & Politics)

Never in all of my voting life have I been so vehemently opposed to a Republican candidate. If the Republican won, I would be disappointed and maybe grumble a little, but I was not afraid. This election year, I am afraid. I am afraid that women’s rights will be thrown back 60 years; I am afraid that civil rights will be thrown back 50 years. In the 1960s the police used hoses on African Americans, now they use bullets, and that is with a Black Man in the White House. What would they do to us if Trump was in that house?

I fear for my Mexican brethren, I fear for my Muslim brethren. I often make fun of Trump’s bombastic rhetoric, but I am tired of people saying, “He (as President) doesn’t make the decisions.” This may be true, but I am afraid of some of the Hose Birminghampeople who follow him and take his comments literal. He says some racist and sexist things, not to mention things he says about individuals with disabilities and such. It is beyond me why anyone would want a leader like this. Some supporters have pointed out that Hillary isn’t a bowl of cherries…I know that. Yes, I know about Benghazi, Yes, I know about the emails. But I also know if she wins, I will not wake up on January 1, 2017 crying and wondering if my gender, race or religion will offend the POTUS today.

It is not my intent to anger or alienate anyone who wishes to vote for this or any candidate, nor do I believe that all of Trump’s supporters fall into the evil automaton category. I know some very kind people who think Mr. Trump would be the best person for the job. However, I also know some individuals who would have my head on a platter if I speak out against him.

This goes beyond the traditional Elephant vs. Donkey jabs experienced throughout history. This is venom filled fustian spewed toward anyone who is against Mr. Trump. These individuals would take the fears and concerns listed above and manipulate it into something that would suit their position. However, facts don’t lie. All one has to do is open the newspaper and read what Mr. Trump has said or written.

It speaks volumes when members of his own party want nothing to do with him. Will they vote Clinton instead? This is unknown. They may forfeit their right to vote this election.

I’m not enamored with Clinton, but she evokes less fear. One of her campaign songs is “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. There is a line in the song that says: “I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion.” That match is our one vote…which explosion will America make?

May God have mercy on us.


Part of the above was posted on my Facebook page. Below is an eloquent response from Mr. Ronald Lincoln. The following has been edited for content.

Re-posted with permission.

You are so correct. Trump has set the tone for a lack of respect and civility which has loosed the hounds of many of his followers. Their responses are often laced with bile and unreasoning aggression. It’s hard to dialog with someone who attacks YOU as a way to ‘win the discussion’.

We very well may be at a crossroad point in this country’s history. We’ve had many of them before. Will we head the right way or travel down a path of embarrassment and shame? Right now America sounds as if it is willing to take a huge leap backwards and undo some of its great advances in equal rights. This should be troubling for EVERY citizen… not just those whose rights will be in jeopardy.

Having a civil discussion with people who wish not to be civil is not only frustrating to the civil person but a complete waste of time. This election appears to be about politics but, for me, has switched tracks to a simple question of morality — with one person spewing hate, fear and intolerance and the other pleading for unity and the bridging of differences.

History and future generations will judge us for our choice. I don’t know about anyone else, but if someone is talking hate and nonsense I’m gone. And, in theory, voters elect leaders that are in tune with their positions. I am not xenophobic, misogynistic, unread, narcissistic, nihilistic, megalomaniacal, or racist.

Thanks for the post. Yes, we ALL should be afraid.



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