The MFA Report (pre-report 1)

July 2016

I will start obtaining my MFA in creative writing in September. September 8th will be my official start date. It is a two year program, 9 credits a semester, summers off.


The College of New Rochelle main campus

I have been preparing for this for over a year. I actually was preparing to get accepted to a program, not the actual program itself.

I found a list of books that all MFA candidates should read on one of the college websites. Some of them I have read, most I haven’t. I started in on some of them. All of them were “Classics”. I even kept a binder with my thoughts on these books.

I slacked off though. Most of these books were of little interest to me. I know a Creative Writing student should be “well-read” but honestly, I just couldn’t do it.


My next item on the agenda was to read the books by some of the Professors. The only problem with this was, I wasn’t sure which school I would be attending and a lot of Professors wrote books. I wasn’t sure how I was going to read the 100+ classics plus all of these books as well as the books I wanted to read (and do my undergrad work). So I did nothing; I was overwhelmed.


Once I knew the school I would attend, I then started to read the books by the Professors who would be teaching me. I can check that one as completed.


I met with one of the Professors this past April. He seems like someone I could really get on with. The only other Professor I know is Steven Hobbs. I do not know the others. I met one while I was there meeting with the other Professor, she seemed nice, but we didn’t have any type of conversation.


The only thing left to do was write. I had writers block. I am hearing that some of the incoming students are writing up a storm, me—I’m sitting here wondering what I have to say. Blogging is the only way I can keep writing.


My concentration is Creative Non-Fiction. My writing tends to lean that way. It may change after the first semester, but it is unlikely.


I do know that all of those books that are on “the list” will find their way into my hands, like it or not.

Grad school is great because there are no extraneous subjects to take. However, they are laser focused. Writing, reading, writing, reading.


I’m getting all my personal reading in between July and September 7th.


Bye-bye until Christmas break (or Summer depending on my workload) Mr. King, Ms. Rowling, etc. You will be replaced by Ms.Woolf and God only knows who else.



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