Inspiration…Come Unto Me

I was staring at a blank page for two days.  I knew that my first blog post had to grab the readers attention.  With all of that pressure, it was no surprise nothing came to me. So I went to wash the dishes.

Yes, there are some of us who still take the dish soap and put it on a sponge and move it in a circular motion over the plate.  In mindlessly doing this chore, I was in ‘thinking’ mode.

Nothing was coming.  My mind was as blank as the page.

I thought about a YouTube video I watched with Michael Hyatt and he said his ideas come to him while he is running.  The only thing I can think about when running is if I’m going to catch that bus. However, I understood his point.  It is when you are not thinking about what to write that the ideas come.

Ideas come to me:

  • in the shower
  • on the subway (while I’m standing and can’t jot anything down)
  • taking a walk
  • right before I fall asleep
  • during meditation
  • watching TV/Movie
When ideas do not come to me:
  • when I’m looking at a blank screen
Inspiration doesn’t make a regular visit. I learned as an undergrad that I have to start and the inspiration will catch up.  There have been many times I had an assignment due, and I waited all week for the inspiration to kick in.  A day or two before the assignment was due, I had to figure out something.  It wasn’t like me to procrastinate, but I was empty.  So, I just started writing.
In my case, when I’m under the gun, the best stuff comes.  In my case I think it is because I become uninhibited and just write what is deep within.  That’s where the good stuff is. Those are the writings that need very little editing.
Writing blogs, vlogs and websites are great.  They inspire.  They point me in the right direction, but only I know myself.  I think we should do whatever gets us to write. Walk in the rain or sing Mario Lanza songs…whatever.

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